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Living My Best Life Dateless Daily Planner

Living My Best Life Dateless Daily Planner

The purpose of this daily affirmation planner is to transform your way of thinking into a more positive and focused outlook towards your life. Use the pages in this planner as a source of manifestation and motivation to take the necessary steps needed to reach the best version of you!


This is a six month dateless planner. It can be used and filled out starting in any month during the year.



Ideal sizing to carry along with you wherever you may need

(Dimensions: 8” L X 6.4” W)

Durable hard cover finish

Over 200 pages of colored interior pages

Full Dateless Calendars for all six months to fill in as needed

Gold ribbon to mark sections in journal for easy access in any section

Daily Pages to Write Your Personal Affirmations

Daily Pages to Schedule Your Day Hourly

Daily Pages for Goals

Monthly Master Task List

Monthly Illustrations for all six months

Monthly Notes Pages with full spread calendar

Monthly Intentions Sheet with sections to write about personal life, spiritual life, financial goals, mental health, physical health, and career aspirations 



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